Fumform is design studio founded in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2011.


The inspiration comes from organic patterns. In digital enviroment they are transformed into light object. The form develops through the design process. We’re following it, and fold it together. Usualy it results to product, which has its own identity and can be easily customized to varied living conditions and personal tastes.


Everybody here like the help that provide our machines but handmade work stays on top of our forming processes. We combine traditional manual techniques and latest digital technologies to manufacture geometric lighting objects. The lamps are made in small series in variety of colors, shapes and materials.


We primarily focus to design, make and distribute geometric handcrafted lampshades, but we also offer design services for home interiors, architectural lighting concepts and store displays with an emphasis on modular light installations.
Our goal is to fill your interior with cosy light and turn it to place where you feel great.

yellow ceiling light shade